Sketch Edited

Although I had read ahead a little way before starting this exercise, I still tried to attempt it as if I had not thought about it in advance. Drawing is not one of my strengths but I can manage a simple sketch.

I’ve tried to illustrate my first reaction to the question “what does Landscape mean to me”. Here I show (or at least try to !) open countryside, hills, sky, and people in the mid-foreground. Although I have bordered the scene with hills, essentially the scene is level as this is the way I would perceive the horizon. I’ve placed the people so as to emphasise the relative scale of the surrounding environment. Again without having planned this too much about this in advance, I think my sketch is probably influenced by artists such as Constable.

Although I am just starting out on this module, I am already aware of some of the discussions and concepts around landscape photography so this sketch perhaps isn’t totally true to my own ideas about what Landscape means to me. There is a resemblance between my sketch and a photograph I took yesterday at a wedding.

Eynsham Hall View

It isn’t a complete match; there are no hills here but I was thinking about the person on the left and how small they look compared to the rest of the scene. As well as this, both the sketch and the photo have a rural setting. I don’t always associate the term “Landscape” with rural scenes – I live in a city so I often use an urban setting – but I would associate the term with the idea of us as individuals being much small and less important than we might want to think. I see it as generally being about how we are only a very small part of the world.

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