Zone System in practice

I took these three photographs on a slightly overcast afternoon. I used these because they involved different dynamic range issues

This is in a darker environment looking out to a well lit outside scene, around midday. Lighting balance here is not really a problem as the car park is fairly open on all sides anyway. Taken in aperture priority mode, f13, 1/125sec



This second one is taken from a well lit outside position looking into a shed. This was hard to get the balance right and is not totally successful. The interior of the shed is not defined well enough and the sky outside is slightly over exposed. Taken in manual priority mode, f6.7, 1/60sec



Taken at the same time as the photograph above, from my garden looking into my house. This has worked fairly well; although the back of the room inside is quite dark, the near interior does show up quite well. The outside is also fairly well defined. Taken in manual priority mode, f6.7, 1/90sec


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