Beauty and the Sublime – Assessment Criteria

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills

I took these photographs across several different days but have tried to make sure the same conditions applied in all cases. All – apart from one – were taken on largely overcast days in reasonable light. The exception is the overgrown cycle path, where the bright light better suited the mood anyway

Quality of Outcome

I have tried to be ruthless with discarding images so that those that are included properly reflect the criteria I have set for myself. To illustrate this I have included here two that I discarded from the final set

Although this did sort of fit the criteria, it is a very clunky metaphor and doesn’t really demonstrate anything particularly fearful or comfortable. I wan”t happy with the large amount of negative space between the two signs either.

I did think this demonstrated the idea of ‘loss of control’ that I wanted but the bright sunlight seemed quite jarring compared to the neutral light I used for the others. I could always of gone back to re-shoot this one but decided it didn’t add enough to the overall set to justify the required travelling

Demonstration of Creativity

I have tried to avoid too literal interpretations but did have some photographs in mind before I took them. The first photograph, the lock and flyover (1), is a place I knew already and realised it would suit my requirements. This is also true of the multi-story car park (2), the overgrown cycle path (3), and the cemetery (4). The others were just found as I went around


One of the biggest influences on this set is Nadav Kander’s project ‘Yangtze, The Long river’ ( This very much gets across the idea of loss of control of one’s own world and did remind me of the Brexit debate. I was also influenced by some off the work of Alec Soth, in particular ‘Sleeping by the Mississippi’ ( Although he is much less political (small’p’), he does illustrate the same idea of asseerting influence over one’s own environment

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