Explore a Road

I chose to do this exercise along the main road near my home. I’ve lived here for over thirty years and am very familiar with this road. I often walk along here, from one end to the other, a distance altogether of around two to three miles. I realise that perhaps extreme familiarity would count against being able to see the ‘interesting’ aspects of this road, but decided it was still a worthwhile exercise to see what I ended up with.

This familiarity means I did go into this with several preconceptions that I expected to address. This is a very multi-cultural area, and has a fairly high population of students and other young people. In the past this road has become identified with a bohemian and vaguely left-leaning population. In the last few years though it has started to become gentrified, with house prices becoming prohibitive for younger first-time buyers. This road in the past had a very definite identity; youthful, optimistic, multi-cultural, but at the same time slightly shabby. This is still true but there are signs of  it becoming a slightly cleaner and more corporate version of itself.

I have tried to reorder the images that I took to get away from the obvious geographic sequence that arises when I walk from one end to the other. I also didn’t want to get too locked in to trying to show the feeling of gentrification; it is there but I doubt it is obvious to any outsider anyway. Instead I have tried to just get across the general demeanour of the area as best I can.

I realised after viewing the results that I have very few photographs here with any people in. This was not intentional and if I were to continue with this as a project I would make sure to include people; it is the inhabitants that give the area any sense of identity as much as the landscape.


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