A Journey – Presentation

I’ve selected twelve photographs that I have taken over many years to try and illustrate the idea of a relationship as a journey. I want to avoid just presenting the set individual images, as if they have been received in a folder from a photo booth. It does need a better way of presenting these as a coherent set, so that the set if a piece in it’s own right rather than just twelve separate images.

I thought about presenting these as if they had been mounted on a wall. I printed the photos myself, then fixed them in pairs to six sheets of coloured card. I then photographed each card and image pair, with the idea that the photographs of the cards would be the piece itself. The six photographs are here

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I had a lot of difficulty in getting consistent lighting for each one. I photographed the cards in daylight but without being able to cut out normal light – such as blackout curtains – the changing light coming in to the room meant the colour of the card changed for each image. Although I could redo this at night with studio lighting to give more control, I wasn’t happy with the results anyway. Presenting in this manner means it becomes horribly obvious when a photo is not accurately lined up with the edges of the card itself. With more care I could get it looking better but it still seemed to me that the results would be very stilted. There is no life to the set and it also puts more emphasis on the way I had paired the photographs on each card than I really intended. I am treating this as a failed experiment

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