Designing a persuasive image

Here in Oxford the lack of affordable housing has been an issue for several years now.  Several new estates are being constructed, or are planned to begin construction soon. Although most are expected to include a percentage of affordable housing, those that are will be a small proportion and only relatively more affordable. Young first time buyers will still have difficulty in being able to afford one and it is a common view here that many will be sold to people moving out of London because housing there is even more unaffordable.

There are locations where new housing is being constructed next to existing estates. I want to try and illustrate this change by depicting a demarcation line between locations where old and new housing meets up. There is little room for any new housing in the existing city boundaries, and the surrounding green belt is coming under greater pressure all the time. I am not arguing against new housing being needed; my own children are in the same position of not being able to afford to live in their own city. I do believe though that housing development companies wield to much power when it comes to deciding housing density, and the lack of supporting infrastructure. Houses are built with little thought to traffic density, pressure on local schools, public transport connections, and shopping facilities. These are all talked about during planning but are then left to others to do anything about.

I have some locations in mind that may provide setting that can illustrate this problem

  • New housing separated from supporting facilities by very busy roads.
  • New development next to and dominating an established community
  • New development that is obviously unaffordable to young first-time buyers

The nature of the exercise does not require absolute truth here; it is my perception that these are real issues being dealt with unfairly by developers with undue influence over local councils. I will try to frame the proposed shot to specifically get across my beliefs

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