Designing a persuasive image – take 2

In my previous post I described how I would attempt to illustrate difficulties that young people, first time buyers, have in getting into the housing market here in Oxford. I thought again about this and realised my suggested illustrations were far too literal for the intention. I wanted to try and get away from a purely descriptive approach to depicting this issue.

Looking at Bill Brandt’s photograph ‘Snicket in Halifax, 1937’ ( brought to mind a promenade seen from a beach, with several levels and steps leading between them. I would look for a setting where the image shows steps leading from a middle level to the top but no steps leading from the lowest level up to that middle level. There will be steps obviously but these will not be in the shot. My intention is to show the facility to move up once you are already part way, but no such facility to get to the part way stage. My drawing skills are limited but I have attempted to sketch my idea here

Steps sketch

Another idea I have had is of an exclusive nightclub with a rope barrier outside intended to prevent entry. A bit more obvious perhaps but still workable

Barrier sketch


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