A1 Feedback reflection

Posted a lot later than I intended (I forgot I hadn’t done this)

Simon Beirne Assignment One feedback

Andy gives a similar observation both here and with A2, that the photographic language is not yet clear enough for the intended subject matter. I accept that trying to illustrate two conflicting emotions around Brexit (that I don’t share anyway) is more challenging than I anticipated. I have not been clear in explaining how I arrived at the final set and can do more to explain why other images were discarded. Two or three will also benefit from reshooting to better align the verticals

Since receiving this feedback in January I have tried to be more rigorous in properly citing research sources. I’ve found Paperpile to be rather useful here.

Although I have been regularly reading around photography, I am now trying to write more around how this is influencing my thinking. The work I have investigated since Andy’s feedback here has not always been directly relevant to my own work, but I am confident it is helping to shape my ideas.

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