A2 Feedback reflection

Tutor feedback on my A2 submission

Simon Beirne assignment 2 feedback

The most pertinent observation is whether I was right to attempt to interpret the assignment brief in this way, especially given that I had tried and abandoned two other ways to illustrate the assignment. From past experience of most assignments on level 1 I know that I have trouble being objective about my work and sometimes ‘see’ ideas that turn out to not be obvious to anyone else. I’m sure I am not alone here; Andy has reminded me that I can and should use other OCA students as sounding boards for exploring ideas. This is something I have not got involved in enough so far.

Andy has suggested artists that I should investigate if I intend to keep to the subject I have chosen to illustrate here. From what I have seen so far (I will write more on these later) it does seem to me that this opens up possibilities I hadn’t considered. Mixing the images with text, or even adopting a collage approach may make for a more coherent set.

Although this may mean stretching the idea of Landscape even further I do think it is worth pursuing.

Since I had got so preoccupied with completing the ‘relationship’ project for this assignment, I had in my mind already dismissed the other two ideas I had started with. However I will spend some time taking photographs – for ‘river’ especially – to see if this is a viable alternative.

Andy makes the point that I tend to write more about the technical side of my individual photographs rather than my artistic intentions. This is an area of my writing that I will address more from now on.

As an area for development Andy says I should move my analysis from the scene to the image of the scene. Although this would seem obvious from the works I have read on the subject so far, I have perhaps not made this differentiation enough with my own work. I can make this distinction from now on, and this may well be relevant in any rework of this assignment

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