A2 Revisited

In his feedback for my A2 submission my tutor Andy mentioned other artists I should investigate. One that he suggested, John Baldessari, in particular caught my eye. His way of mixing bold coloured blocks across photographs is very striking, and very effective in reusing old photographs for a new purpose. A good example of one that resonated with me is his piece “Fissures (Orange) and Ribbons (Orange, Blue): With Multiple Figures (Red, Green, Yellow), Plus Single Figure (Yellow) in Harness (Violet) and Balloons (Violet, Red, Yellow, Grey), 2004” (http://www.baldessari.org/unique/bxktlcphx0s1svxiq5r76nyf80c8lk)

I have tried to rework my A2 submission using a similar collage approach. I’ve used as a background an extract from the sheet music for the “Theme from Love Story” (Music by Francis Lai, arranged by Henry Mancini). On top of this extract I have placed blobs from various of the photographs I used in my original submission. My idea is to use the blob overlays to subvert the initial idea of a long term relationship with the eventual reality, which is that it is not always as smooth a journey as originally intended.

I’m happy this works better than my initial submission but I also feel there is more that I can do here. Some of the photographs have been copied with bold edges, to emphasise the disruptive effect that reality has on initial intentions. Others I have used feathering to try and visualise the organic way that reality gradually overlays the initial dream. Both seem valid in their way, though I am less convinced about the ellipses that I have used for the overlay shapes. This is perhaps too regular and I will try this again with other ways of presenting these overlays. I will try with different backgrounds as well.

LS Overlay-1

LS Overlay-2

LS Overlay-3

LS Overlay-4

LS Overlay-5

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