A3 Feedback Reflection

Tutor feedback on my A3 submission

Simon Beirne Assignment three feedback

I was fairly pleased with this assignment when I completed it and on the whole the feedback is positive. Andy makes the point that I could do more to experiment – and document – other strategies for getting the subject across effectively. I take the point that I could try different lighting, different times of day, and also different text effects and presentation. For this submission I had tried for a consistent look and feel – same lighting conditions and same text font – as this seemed more appropriate than making each image vastly different. There is a middle ground though and I understand that I could do more ‘playing’.

The remark that I do not do enough to relate my work to other photographers who have worked in similar areas. This is valid and I know I can do more here.

Both comments I mention above and essentially the whole feedback document is about how I don’t write enough about my own ideas and development. I’m aware that my thoughts and ideas often come at a point where I am not near enough to my laptop to document these, and by the time I do get set up I’ve changed my mind or am having doubts about my previous idea. I should get more disciplined at putting these down on my blog even if I have already changed my mind.

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