A3 Revisited

As Andy mentioned in his feedback on my A3 submission (https://simon513313landscape.wordpress.com/2019/06/18/a3-feedback-reflection/), I could do more to link my work to other artists employing similar techniques. In my submission I had intended the text and font to deliberately mimic the general format of motoring adverts from 1960s and 70s.

Barbara Kruger has used text in her work but in a way that makes clear the text and the image take equal importance. I had deliberately intended the text to be secondary to the image. However as Andy pointed out, experimentation can lead to revised decisions. I have created the images below with the intention of emphasising the text in a similar manner to Kruger.

 IMGP0877 splash text 1

IMGP0954 splash text 2

Barbara Kruger is focusing on issues of identity, gender and feminism. Although it is true that these are not my particular concerns, I think it is fair to say that it is the text as much as the image that anchors her work. I’m not at all convinced that the two images above work but neither am I sure they don’t work either. Andy has commented in his feedback that I should think about how my own critical position may have changed, and looking at Barbara Kruger’s work has helped here. When I started this work I felt I was fairly neutral about the economic effect on the town of closing the factory. I don’t have any real liking for cars as such so don’t feel happy or unhappy about the loss of the works for that reason either. What has become clearer to me as I have worked on this assignment is a feeling of regret about the degree of uniformity that has replaced something a lot more organic. This is always the case with any new development but I am very much in favour of individual people imposing their own mark on a pre-constructed environment.
In terms of the images themselves, this is something I would like to explore further. The landscape that has replaced the former factory is still relatively new; there has not yet been time for people to fully adapt the landscape to the way they actually want to use it. I have tried to document this type of ‘ownership’ in previous modules and feel it is worth exploring here again.
Adapt and belong-01

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