A4 Feedback Reflection

Tutor feedback on my A4 submission

Simon Beirne Assignment 4 feedback

Constructive criticism as always but the one comment of Andy’s that resonated most was that it was “hard to see how arguments that were predominantly raised around conflict, photojournalism and art directly transferred to the work you have done up to this point”. I can’t argue with this but it occurred to me that I had not really considered my work on this course so far as having that level of consistency that this link would be established anyway. I have always tended to treat each assignment independently, rather than as a continuation of any over-arching point of view.

I don’t feel this lack of consistency is  necessarily a bad  thing – not yet anyway – as I’m not sure myself of any firm direction to my practice. Having said that I realise I could use more of myself in my work, by using my own thoughts and opinions as a basis for work. To this end I have produced a second version of the self-directed project proposal.
I’m not sure yet which of the two proposals I will actually use but I at this stage the second seems more likely.

Andy suggests I should try and make my blog more academic-looking by removing adverts. I’d been using the free WordPress plan for so long I’d almost forgotten there were alternatives, especially as I don’t see the ads themselves.I have upgraded my blog now to remove these adverts.

I will revisit my essay over the next few weeks to address Andy’s concerns over the lack of illustrations, and also to revisit the introduction and conclusion to better tie them together

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