Another Proposal for the self-directed project

Pressure on open spaces

I propose to produce a set of photographs to comment on of the constant pressure on recreational space. By this I mean designated open spaces, sports facilities, social spaces such as pubs, as well as non-designated open space (sometimes called waste land) that is still accepted as part of local inhabitants’ environment.

I live in Oxford and am aware of the steady decline in recreational space within the city. The nature of the planning procedure and pressure on housing means there is a continuous drive to “fill in” open spaces within the city. I propose to document specific sites where what was previously a recreational space has been replaced by housing or office space. Other remaining spaces are becoming more confined, with surrounding development encroaching on the space. Where the original use is no longer visible I propose to use captions describing that previous use. I have access to local history books that can provide historical background to previous use.

I feel the results would likely be best presented as individual prints, ideally to be shown in an exhibition space that is already part of the wider community. By this I mean for example a shopping centre rather than a gallery. At this stage I am aware of some locations that may be suitable but do not know if mounting these in an exhibition is going to be possible.

Costs to create the images would be dependent on the presentation space but I would expect printing and mounting to be around £100 for an A3 image.

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