Print-on-demand mock-up

I have had experience before of producing a photobook, for an assignment in my previous course “Identity and place”. At the time I had not heard of Blurb and used CEWE Photoworld. At the time I knew I had not produced the best I could do but that was mainly due to time pressure rather than the CEWE software itself.

Blurb seems pretty similar although there seem a wider choice of layouts, formats and paper than CEWE. Although relatively intuitive to use, the software is a bit cranky when it comes to a consistent way of handling drag and drop. I found I was getting different results when applying exactly the same action to different (but identically formatted) pictures and text. Warning messages are not very helpful either. My project file has several messages about text not appearing in the final print but nothing about what to do to fix this. The PDF proof file I exported does show the text.
I’m sure these glitches can be resolved if I do end up using this for further work. Probably reading the “Get started” guide might help, but coming from an IT background I always try to see just how intuitive any piece of software is before reading the manual. This could certainly be better.

For this exercise I used a few of my photographs of seaside scenes, along with text taken from adverts in “Seaside News” magazine for August 2019. I wanted to see how the random juxtaposition of text with image would work, so there is no attempt to marry each text fragment with the corresponding image. The results are not great by any means but I am happy with the general layout. If I were to pursue this idea I would put more thought into the text, as well as getting a better understanding of what Blurb can do

These are the PDF proof files of the cover and contents pages
Seaside proof.pdfstandard_landscape-imagewrap-premium_lustre_paper

Seaside proof

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