A2 Revisited Once More

In June I posted some experiments (https://simon513313landscape.net/2019/06/18/a2-revisited/)I had tried out with a collage approach to reworking my original A2 submission. As before I have used a music score from the song ‘Love Story’ as the background for collage images made from photographs I have taken myself over several years. The images represent a long term relationship as a journey, with reality overlaying the initial ideal. Some are representing good times and some bad, and in no particular order since there is no fixed order that these things will occur.

I’m still unsure of the success or failure of these; I am fairly pleased with the result but I recognise there is a degree of repetition that makes twelves images seem rather a lot. It might work better with six to eight, but at the same time I am debating with myself whether to pursue this any further, or to go back to one of my other initial ideas.

For now I am posting these just as evidence of work in progress but these may not make up my final A2 submission for assessment.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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