Create a slideshow

In an earlier post I said I was not going to pursue my initial idea for A2, including no longer working on the idea of a slideshow of the photographs alone without the collage. However since this exercise asks us to explore the idea of a slideshow it seems a good idea to revise the decision.

My scepticism about adding music to a slideshow is because it seems to me that the music will inevitably be a distraction, and will direct the viewer in a way that would distract from the images themselves. However I have tried to use music here, an instrumental piece as words would definitely be too distracting. FreeMusicArchive is useful as a source of freely available music. I’ve tried to find something fairly ambient in mood, a piece that would not overlay the images too much. I have used Pholody ( produce the slideshow itself. This is free and simple to use, and although limited in the facilities it offers is still pretty useful.

As with my previous attempts at using these images to describe an emotional journey, a long-term relationship, the sequencing of the images is not critical. Any relationship of this kind is not a smooth progression and will feature good and bad times. Because of this the sequence presented here is different to the order I have used before. Ideally I would like to be able to present these in a way that allows a random sequence each time.

The music is “A Little Sympathy” by Lee Rosevere, from the album “5 Minute Meditations – Volume 2” (

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