A2 Development – The River

It is perhaps not the best idea to go out with preconceived idea of what my photographs should look like but I am familiar enough with the river Thames through Oxford to understand how it acts as an intermediary between the two distinct worlds here.

I took lots of photographs as part of this assignment and deciding what to discard was not an easy process. As I said in my submission, almost all were taken in sunny conditions as I wanted to put a positive emphasis on the final set. I discarded these two below because of the wintry feel to both; there is more of a bleak atmosphere here than I wanted to convey. The landscape on either side of the river is fairly unchanging but the nature of the river itself – flowing water and passing boats – mean the overall landscape is very fluid. Different groups of people with varied reasons for being there also make for a very varied landscape

I also found it too easy to produce purely horizontal views of the river and far bank. Using too many like this would describe a much more static world than I want to show. As well as this perceived lack of motion, I discarded the photograph below as it said much about the river itself but nothing about the users and habituees.

I also tried to avoid repetition; several were discarded because they were too alike to ones that I had chosen. The two immediately below may well have been included in the final set but I eventually chose the one after these two. I felt the one I did use better conveyed the sense of shared usage as well as being a stronger composition.



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