A1 Development – Beauty and the sublime

In my initial submission I tried to illustrate my perception of peoples’ hopes and fears regarding Brexit. However after feedback from my tutor and revisiting this myself, it became clear that the results were rather muddled. Andy suggested that trying too much here may have diluted my position, which in retrospect seems true to me. The subject itself doesn’t really lend itself to any real concept of beauty. Comfort and well-being maybe, but even the most ardent ‘remain’ supporter would have difficulty in ascribing beauty to the idea of the EU.

I have edited some of the images from my first attempt to try and correct the vertical alignment, as suggested by Andy, my tutor.

Here I show some of the images I discarded for this work and my reasons for doing so

These are the images I initially tried to use for the ‘beauty’ element of this assignment.

Although the photograph below seemed to me to definitely illustrate the idea of ‘sublime’, I didn’t feel it could relate to the subject I had chosen for this work. This to me is reminiscent of the way 19th century paintings would illustrate the sublime, but there is little here that suggests the idea of loss of control.

I discarded the image below as a) it places too much emphasis on xenophobia as a reason for supporting Brexit, and b) it’s not very good anyway. My idea was to juxtapose a Buddleia bush (a foreigner) with a Silver Birch (UK native). It’s not clear though that this is a Buddleia – the idea would have worked better when the bush was still in flower.

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