Prepare your artist’s statement

The document listed in the course notes as a help to preparing my artist’s statements either does not exist or the site is so slow that nothing ever comes back. However I have found plenty of examples of photographers artist’s statements, as well as ‘how to’ guides.

This is one I found particularly helpful–cms-27632

This was also useful though took a lot longer to say largely the same things

With the suggested principles in mind I have written the statement below. The Format guide suggested using Hemingway Editor ( to review the text but I found this wants to encourage a much more simplistic sentence construction than I would like, so have ignored any advice from there.

As a photography student quite a lot of my practice is driven by the course requirements. I use the required topics to explore my own artistic sensibilities, to tease out where my own sympathies lie. I try to avoid a dogmatic approach to my work, so that any starting topic may become very different by the end. In that sense my work is constantly evolving. I explore different techniques and approaches to both the taking of photographs and the subsequent presentation.
I work almost exclusively in colour rather than monochrome, as I feel that this makes photography more three-dimensional. I am interested in small, cumulative effects of photographs rather than any large-scale grand statement of a single image.
In our increasingly polarised society I am interested in in-between spaces. I want to use photography to explore meeting points, places where different lives and environments interact. A primary influence on my work is “Edgelands” by Paul Farley and Michael Symmons Roberts. I want to explore intermediate spaces in all aspects of life so I do not limit my understanding of edgelands to just the physical manifestation. Another influence is Martin Parr’s ability to observe modern life in a manner that is simultaneously sympathetic and sardonic.

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