A5 Feedback Reflection

Tutor feedback on my A5 submission

Simon Beirne Simon Beirne Assignment five feedback

Although I was fairly pleased with the resultant photobook I produced using Blurb, there were aspects that I felt could be better. Andy asks how I had decided on the final sizing of the postcards and this is something I felt could be better. Although I still felt it worth submitting this version of the book for feedback, I want to produce another version for final assessment. I have engaged a local printer to produce an A5 landscape version with the postcard images sized to actual A6 size. I also felt the hard-cover I had requested for the Blurb book was too hefty for a publication with a small number of pages.

As Andy suggests, my accompanying evaluation could do with tighter editing, and a clearer idea of my choices in selecting these images. Although I describe how I involved other people in the creation of this book, I do not say much about how the responses affected the final outcome, or how it altered my own perceptions.  Andy also suggests I should be cautious about the term ‘obscure’ in my evaluation. Re-reading the text again I can understand his point. Although I do then say that I stand by my work, the previous sentence does rather go against this.

For my A4 submission Andy commented that I should try to show how this is related to my own practice, and he makes this observation again here. This is an area I intend to write more about, as much as anything to clarify these thoughts for myself.

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