A3 Revisited Once More

In his feedback Andy, my tutor, suggested I might try photographing the locations under artificial light. I have revisited some of the locations in the original set at night.

IMGP2155IMGP2156IMGP2158IMGP2167 editedIMGP2165

I used a longer exposure time to try and capture the light as it actually appeared (to my eyes anyway). I was partly looking to Dan Holdsworth’s “A Machine for Living: 01” (https://www.danholdsworth.com/works/amachineforliving/1/) as a model for showing a place that seems to have life even without the presence of any people. Although my photographs do not have the same uncanny quality that Holdsworth’s does, there is still some sense of a place where people are not necessarily the reason for its existence.

Having said that I feel that to use these in my completed A5 work would be too jarring; either I go all the way with (better) night time images, or do not use them at all. I also think that using artificial night time light in this way would remove too much of the human element. My original set does not have much in the way of any human presence but the presence of cars acts as signs of people being around. I think that this simple relay works better than trying too hard to remove the human element.

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