Self-directed Project (Final Version) – Artist’s Statement

My work is primarily concerned with how people relate to their environment, and how changes to that environment can affect them. In our increasingly polarised society I am interested in in-between spaces. I want to use photography to explore meeting points, places where different lives and environments interact.
I work almost exclusively in colour rather than monochrome, as I feel that this makes photography more three-dimensional. I am interested in small, cumulative effects of photographs rather than any large-scale grand statement of a single image.

My influences include Martin Parr, Stephen Shore and William Egglestone. I relate to the honesty and humour in Parr’s work, the strangeness in Shore’s ‘Uncommon Places’, and the vivacity of Egglestone’s use of colour. Another major influence is “Edgelands” by Paul Farley and Michael Symmons Roberts. I want to explore intermediate spaces in all aspects of life so I do not limit my understanding of edgelands to just the physical manifestation.

My photographs concentrate on the borders between environments, the places where separate existences can coincide and interact with each other.

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