A6 Feedback Reflection

Tutor feedback on my A6 submission

Simon Beirne Assignment six feedback

I realise I didn’t really fully engage with this assignment. I did take photographs from the same scene at irregular intervals but I would likely have been more engaged if I’d taken more photographs for this assignment earlier in the course. Andy is quite right when he says I could have investigated and written more the results. I will read more around the subject of longitudinal photography and rewrite the introduction. I also need to provide a better idea of why I chose this particular location and how it fits within my own overall practice.

There are also a couple of technical areas to be addressed:-

  • I hadn’t paid close enough attention to trying to keep a consistent viewpoint and will edit some photographs to remove the evidence of the bridge
  • I hadn’t realised that the images could not be enlarged to aid viewing. I’ve found out how to achieve this now and will make sure this can be done with all the assignments

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